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TransGlobe Engineering offers sourcing service and Exporter of wide range of Mechanical, Chemical, Plastics and other Engineering finished products we also provide Value added sourcing and assembly as per customer drawings. We have excellent relationship with manufacturers in India which allows us to meet delivery deadlines and offer prompt quotation, to learn more about products we support click on the below product tabs.


  Oil and Gas Industry


Let us know what you like to source from India. TransGlobe has team of engineers who are specialized in sourcing and evaluating products to your specification, our value added services help you to reduce custom assembly, labelling and installation cost, we can supply and re-design components as per your drawings.


In order to offer fast delivery & best pricing on hard to find materials TransGlobe runs its own Sourcing & Purchasing centers in India which works round the clock you can reach us any time by phone or email. We are fully committed to provide highest level of service and continually improve the levels of performance implemented in our organization.


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